Profs & Pints Online: How Chess Ruled the World

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End: February 25, 2021
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Profs and Pints Online presents: “How Chess Made the World,” a look at the social and cultural history of a powerful board game, with Jenny Adams, associate professor of English at the University of Massachusetts and author of Power Play: The Literature and Politics of Chess in the Late Middle Ages.
[This talk will remain available in recorded form the link given here for tickets and access.]
The Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit has won praise from several grandmasters for its “startlingly accurate portrayal of chess gameplay.” What received less attention—but is equally worth noting—is how chess serves as a metaphor of the life of the series’ main character, Beth Harmon, who herself figuratively becomes the queen.
This show is not the only story to embrace the chess metaphor. Many writers and filmmakers continue to use chess to represent humanity’s social, political, and military negotiations.
Make a smart move and let Professor Jenny Adams, an expert on the social and cultural history of chess, tell you how the game came to represent, as Gary Kasparov once described it, "life in miniature."