Philip Taft Labor History Award

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End: December 15, 2020
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2021 Guidelines for 

the Philip Taft Labor History Award  

  1. The award may be made annually to that book judged by the Award Committee to be the outstanding book on American labor history published during the preceding calendar year.  The making of an award is not mandatory, however, and if, in the judgment of the Award Committee, no book is worthy of recognition, no award need be made.


  1. The award will carry with it a monetary prize of $2,000.00.


  1. Competition is limited to books published in the English language.


  1. Subject matter must be United States labor history defined broadly enough to include histories of workers (organized and unorganized), histories of their institutions and their workplaces, as well as the broader historical trends that have shaped working-class life.  


  1. Books for the competition may be submitted by either the author or the publisher.  One copy of each nominated book should be submitted to every member of the Award Committee. Hard copies are strongly preferred.  


  1. Nominated books should be submitted no later than December 15, 2020.  Page proofs may be submitted in lieu of books to be published between Dec. 15, 2020, and Dec. 31, 2020. 


  1. The winner of this year’s prize will be announced at the 2021 LAWCHA annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois, May 26-28, 2021.