IASPM-US 2020 Conference: “BPM: Bodies, Places, Movements”

Event Details

End: October 1, 2020
Contact: tpcatefo@!syr.edu
More Info: http://iaspm-us.net/conferences/2020-conference/


The International Association for the Study of Popular Music-United States chapter (IASPM-US) invites proposals for its annual conference, which will take place in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan on May 21-23, 2020. The theme for this year’s conference is “BPM: Bodies, Places, Movements.” Topics to consider include (but are not limited to):      


  • Bodies: identities, abilities, practices, performances, communities, bodies of work, raced, classed, gendered, and sexualized bodies, modes of embodiment
  • Places: Cities, suburbs, small towns, virtual and digital spaces, stages, studios, basements, exclusive and inclusive spaces
  • Movements: social, cultural, and political movements, mobilities, dance, migration, displacement

Please submit proposals via Word document to iaspmus2020@gmail.com with “last name, first name” in the subject line no later than midnight October 1, 2019. Individual submissions should include a paper title, the presenter’s name, contact information and a 250-word abstract. Organized panels, consisting of 3 - 4 papers, should include a 250-word description of the panel’s rationale and goals, and a 250-word abstract for each individual participating in the panel. Roundtables, consisting of a moderated conversation with 4 – 6 participants, require a single 250 word abstract and a list of roundtable members, and should designate one person as the panel chair. Presenters must be registered, or register as, IASPM members.