POLIN Museum Film Call

Event Details

End: August 31, 2019
Contact: filmcall@polin.pl
More Info: https://www.polin.pl/en/news/2019/02/05/polin-museum-film-call

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews is calling for proposals for short films about Jewish communities with roots in the historic territories of Poland.

The fourteen shortlisted films completed on the basis of these proposals about Jewish communities living today in Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Israel, Latin America, North America, Poland and South Africa will be featured in an epilogue to POLIN Museum’s multimedia narrative exhibition, which is dedicated to the 1000-year history of Polish Jews. 

The films should reflect the connection of these communities to the heritage of Polish Jews. They may focus on stories of individuals, families, organizations, communities, events, and objects of special meaning. Films of about 5 minutes in length may be based on interviews, documentary and archival material, home video, animation, or video art, among others. An international jury will select the finalists.


Deadline for applications (logline, synopsis, treatment, preliminary budget): 31 August 2019.

Anouncement of winners: October 2019. 

Prize: up to 56,000 PLN (about 15,000 USD) to produce one film based on their winning proposal.  The value of each prize will depend on the proposal and its preliminary budget.


Contact: filmcall@polin.pl

Answers to questions sent by email will be published online at www.polin.pl/en in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.

For more information, explore the website for POLIN Museum