Philip Lee Phillips Society Fellowship

The John W. Kluge Center and the Philip Lee Phillips Map Society at the Library of Congress invite qualified scholars to apply for a fellowship to conduct research for two months at the Kluge Center using the Geography and Map Division’s collections and resources.


Established in 2000 through an endowment of $60 million from John W. Kluge, the Center is located in the splendid Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress. Residents have easy access to the Library's specialized staff and to the intellectual community of Washington.


The Philip Lee Phillips Society Map Society of the Library of Congress was established to further develop, enhance and promote the collections of the Geography and Map Division by encouraging financial donations to supplement appropriated funds for the acquisition of rare maps; stimulating interest among map collectors, map producers, geographers, cartographers, and historians in order to make the vast resources of the nation's premier cartographic and geographic collections more widely available; facilitating gifts and bequests of significant geographic and cartographic materials in order to further develop its collections; and advancing the Geography and Map Division's publication, education, and exhibition programs.


Applications are due February 15, 2019. Find out more information on our website.