Vernacular Architecture Forum Ambassador Awards

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End: January 12, 2019
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The VAF Ambassador Awards provide funding for student groups (undergraduate and graduate) from North American institutions, with a faculty sponsor, to attend VAF's annual conference.  The 2019 conference, "Landscapes of Succession," is in Philadelphia, PA, May 29-June 2. The total award amount per institution is typically limited to $2500 with a maximum of $500 per student.  We encourage, but do not require, that Ambassadors apply for matching funds from their institutions. During the conference, Award recipients are encouraged to use social media to communicate with a broader audience about their experiences as a participant in the conference. Following conference attendance, Award recipients are expected to act as "ambassadors" for the VAF, working to promote the study, documentation, and preservation of ordinary buildings and landscapes.  A written summary of their experiences is also expected.  This will appear in the Vernacular Architecture Newsletter. Schools awarded an Ambassadors Award in 2011 or thereafter will not be eligible for an award the following academic year.  For application instructions please go to  DEADLINE FOR 2019: JANUARY 5, 2019