The Road to Dawn - Josiah Henson and the Story That Sparked the Civil War

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End: June 20, 2018
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The Prime Minister of Great Britain threw him a surprise banquet.

President Rutherford B. Hayes entertained him at the White House.
Queen Victoria invited him to Windsor Castle.
He won a medal at the first World’s Fair in London.
He rescued 118 enslaved people, including his brother.
He helped build a 500-person freeman settlement, called Dawn, which was known as one of the final stops on the Underground Railroad.
Inspired by his story, Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a novel that helped spark the Civil War and led to the Emancipation Proclamation.
But before all that, Josiah Henson was a slave for 40 years...

Yet somehow, his story's been lost to history until now. Author Jared A. Brock retraced Henson's 3000-mile journey from slavery to freedom, chronicled in a new book entitled The Road to Dawn. Endorsements include:

“Jared Brock's biography of Josiah Henson is a laudable attempt to piece together the story of a man nearly lost to history and broken by slavery. The Road to Dawn is sure to become required reading in the archives of African American history.” —Lonnie G. Bunch III, Founding Director, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

“The Road to Dawn is an honest and moving portrait of one of our nation’s greatest unsung heroes. Jared Brock's biography will bring much-deserved attention to Josiah Henson's epic life story, serving as a reminder to what can be accomplished when we fight on the right side of history.” —The Right Honourable Paul Martin, 21st Prime Minister of Canada

“Harriet Tubman [and] Frederick Douglass are well-known figures in the abolition of slavery. Josiah Henson was less known. Here was a man who had spent more than 40 years in slavery but promised to use his freedom well. He delivered on that promise. Jared A. Brock takes us through the life of a hero of the abolitionist era who overcame unspeakable pain and adversity to make an impact on his home country. A must read.” —Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of the Republic of Mauritius

“Josiah Henson made a vow to use his freedom well, and his successful legacy serves as an inspiration long after his lifetime. As a descendant of once-enslaved Americans who also used their freedom well, I hope many will join me in reading the vital message of The Road to Dawn." —Justin Fairfax, 41st Lieutenant Governor of Virginia

In addition to the book, Brock is releasing a documentary called JOSIAH, narrated by Hollywood actor Danny Glover. Brock will be doing a 20-city LIVE tour starting May 15th, and there will be an additional 100+ events happening across the nation as well. Please visit to buy the book and watch a free preview of the documentary. More information on screenings can found here