Institute for Constitutional History seminar: William Howard Taft and Charles Evans Hughes; the Travails and Contradictions of Progressivism within the Law: 1908-1941

The Institute for Constitutional History sponsors or co-sponsors a variety of events during the academic year. The next seminar will take place at the New-York Historical Society on Fridays, 2-5 pmFebruary 9 and 23, and March 9 and 23.Between them, William Howard Taft and Charles Evan Hughes served as Governor (Hughes), Governor General (Taft); Circuit Court Judge (Taft), Secretary of War (Taft), President (Taft), Supreme Court Justice (Hughes), Nominee for the Presidency (Hughes), Secretary of State (Hughes), Chief Justice (Taft), Chief Justice (Hughes), and this list is not complete. It indicates, however, the impressive scope of their accomplishments. How had progressivism been transformed during their careers? To what extent were both jurists “independent of rigid ideology?” This seminar seeks to explore these questions through books, articles, and discussion. 

The deadline to apply is December 30.