Teaching Matters: “Quality and Affordability in Education”

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End: January 5, 2018
Contact: a_higgins@gordonstate.edu
More Info: http://www.gordonstate.edu/teachingmatters/home

Teaching Matters:  “Quality and Affordability in Education”

Thursday and Friday, March 8-9, 2018


In recent years, there has been a move toward affordability in education - from all levels of government, college and university administrations, educators, students, and families. Indeed, just in the last decade, textbook costs have increased by over 80% and student debt continues to grow. While this push is understandable with the rising costs of education and the necessity of education for gainful employment, there are also concerns about what affordability means for quality in education. Educators strive to provide the highest quality instruction possible, but financial constraints can make that seem unachievable. It is important for educators to continually work together to explore various modes of promoting quality and affordability, whether it be application of pedagogical theories, implementing teaching techniques, or using educational technology. Therefore, "Quality and Affordability in Education" provides a broad platform for educators to share innovative ways they provide quality affordable education. Of course, we also encourage proposals not directly related to the theme.


Direct questions to Dr. Anna Higgins-Harrell at a_higgins@gordonstate.edu.  All proposals are due January 5, 2018.