PhotoHistory/PhotoFuture Conference

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End: April 23, 2018
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Scholarly papers and panel proposals for presentation consideration at the PhotoHistory/PhotoFuture conference in Rochester, NY (April 20-22, 2018) are invited through November 14, 2017. The conference is an opportunity for the presentation, analysis, interpretation and assessment of original scholarship on photography’s history and future including applications, education, connoisseurship, preservation, and accessibility as viewed through multiple disciplinary lenses. PhotoHistory/PhotoFuture is a forum for reporting research findings, sharing current professional and scholarly practices, and discussing subjects pertinent to the broadly defined, multifaceted history and future of photography, including motion pictures. The conference will engage practitioners, librarians, archivists and the diverse scholarly disciplines on historically significant subjects and topics of future interest. For more information: Bruce Austin (585) 475-2879, BAAGLL@RIT.EDU