Connected Academics Proseminar Syllabus (Modern Language Association)

By Connected Academics, Modern Language Association, 2015-16

Using This Guide: This syllabus is a useful framework for organizing and selecting topics for a large- or small-scale workshop on prospective career paths. While this example is geared towards literature and language PhDs, the themes address humanities-wide issues.

Note: In the second year of the program, sessions were extended to four hours, based on feedback from participants.

Purpose of This Seminar: This seminar consisted of six sessions held between September 2015 and April 2016 at MLA's offices and other locations throughout New York. These sessions, hosting a diverse range of topics and speakers, provided an opportunity for students to develop job searching skills, visit sites that employ PhDs, and learn how to be "ambassadors" for a large professional network.

Skills This Seminar Addresses: Communication, Collaboration, Intellectual Self-Confidence, Digital Literacy

Connected Academics Proseminar Syllabus (PDF)