Meeting Resources


Presidential Sessions

President Patrick Manning has organized sessions on topics such as scale, UNESCO, African history, and world history. Don’t miss these valuable conversations.

Receptions and Meals

Looking for opportunities to meet other historians? No better place than the receptions and meal events of AHA and its affiliates.

Professional Development and Career Diversity at AHA17

The annual meeting offers all kinds of opportunities to explore career paths, hone your job search skills, and expand your professional network. Whatever the stage of your career search, there is a workshop, panel session or networking opportunity to aid you at AHA17.

Teaching and Learning at AHA17

Teaching is an essential skill for any historian. That’s why AHA17’s teaching and learning program caters to all career stages and all levels of history. Whether you work in a classroom, archive, or the public sphere, you will find numerous opportunities to enhance your teaching and discover more about the value of learning history.

Digital History at AHA17

A variety of sessions and events on digital history are available for experienced digital historians as well as those looking to get started in the field.

Sessions on Public History

Here is a list of sessions that will help you expand your toolkit when it comes to communicating to a wider audience.

Sessions on Western History

Historians will be speaking on a number of topics relevant to the history of the American West, from health care in Colorado, to environmental issues affecting the region, to teaching American history in the West.

Getting Started in Digital History 2017

Last year brought historians with an interest in using digital tools and resources together with experts in a range of digital-history methodologies. The workshop this year will include both beginner and intermediate hands-on sessions.

Denver Resources

Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities

Detailed information about hotel and meeting room accommodations for attendees with disabilities.


Essential details about air and ground transportation to Denver, as well as tips for using public transit.

Traveler Resources

Key information on safety as well as other practical tidbits (such as where to find a dry-cleaner or office supply store.

Denver: The Mile High City

Excited about attending the meeting in Denver? Start scoping out the city’s natural, cultural, dining, and entertaining highlights with customized guides, courtesy of Visit Denver. You can also find discounts and travel information here.

AHA Tours of Denver

The Local Arrangements Committee has organized 14 tours highlighting the historical resources of Denver. Participants will have a unique opportunity to take these tours with their fellow historians.

Historic Denver Scavenger Hunt

If you’re attending the 131st annual meeting in Denver, get out on the town by participating in the AHA17 Historic Denver Scavenger Hunt! Use the clues provided to identify the following historic sites.

Dining in Denver

“Dining in Denver” provides recommendations for eating out in Denver. With cuisines from around the globe, prices from thrifty to fine, and an array of vegetarian, vegan, and kosher options, Denver has something to satisfy any hungry historian.

Top Denver Attractions for Historians

This guide presents a variety of museums, historic homes, and parks within a short distance of the meeting hotels. Don’t miss the cultural, natural, and historical charms of this city.

Denver Area Day Trips

Thinking about coming early or staying late to explore the Denver area? Here are a few destinations within an hour’s drive of the city that are ideal for experiencing the region’s history, culture, and countryside.

Coming to Denver in January: Don’t Fear the Weather

Shelby Balik of the Local Arrangements Committee explains why Denver Januaries aren’t to be feared and gives tips on preparing for a comfortable AHA17.

High Altitude Tips

Denver’s elevation is 5,280 feet. Here are some tips, courtesy of Visit Denver, to stay comfortable in the Mile-High City while you’re at the annual meeting!

Retail Marijuana FAQ

As of January 1, 2014, it is legal in Denver for adults over 21 to purchase marijuana for recreational use. Here’s a quick overview of the laws governing this use.