AHA Travel Policy

Updated: February 2017

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Participants attending AHA meetings should make their own travel arrangements in accordance with the guidelines listed below. If you plan to request reimbursement for your travel expenses, please keep all receipts and submit them with an itemized voucher to the AHA after the meeting. Please note, however, that you also have the option to forego reimbursement and accept credit for a charitable contribution to the AHA. We are also aware that some meeting participants are able to fund a portion of their AHA travel through institutional resources, and we appreciate this consideration of AHA budgetary pressures.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: The AHA will reimburse you for the actual price of your ticket, not to exceed the following maximum amounts:

  • Within the Time Zone of the Meeting Location: $400 (including any baggage or service fees)
  • Outside the Time Zone of the Meeting Location (but within the continental US): $500 (including any baggage or service fees)
  • Alaska: $700 (including any baggage or service fees)
  • Hawaii: $900 (including any baggage or service fees)

Reimbursement for foreign travel will not exceed the price of a comparable fare from your home institution in the United States, as defined within the limits above.

YOU MUST REQUEST PRE-APPROVAL for any ticket that exceeds the maximum fare guidelines. To request pre-approval, e-mail your proposed itinerary to JGardella@historians.org   If your fare is not pre-approved, the AHA will reimburse only the maximum amount for your time zone. When submitting for reimbursement, you must provide proof of the cost of your ticket, preferably including your itinerary.

Fees and Penalties:

  • The AHA will reimburse you for booking fees charged by a travel agent or website, as long as the total cost does not exceed the maximum fare amounts listed above.
  • The AHA will reimburse airline fees for checked bags or paper tickets, as long as the total price of the ticket does not exceed maximum fare amounts listed above.
  • Please check the restrictions on a ticket before purchase. Airlines charge a fee to change a confirmed reservation. The AHA will reimburse penalties or fees assessed for canceled or changed tickets in two circumstances: illness or other unforeseen circumstances (the latter with prior AHA approval).
  • The traveler is responsible for obtaining a refund or credit from the airline or travel agency for any unused tickets. The AHA will not reimburse for missed flights.


If attending a meeting in Washington, DC, we suggest flying into any of the following three airports:

  • DCA: Ronald Reagan National Airport -closest airport; accessible by metro to downtown DC
  • BWI: Baltimore-Washington International Airport-about an hour from DC. A shuttle bus runs between the airport and the BWI Train Station. Amtrak and MARC (NOTE: MARC train service is available weekdays only) offer frequent trains to and from Union Station. For schedule and fare information, contact Amtrak at 800-872-7245 or MARC at 800-325-7245.
  • IAD: Dulles Airport-about 45 minutes from downtown DC; accessible by shuttle, taxi, or ride service


The AHA will reimburse rail travel that falls within the above price guidelines. You can buy train tickets at www.amtrak.com or by calling 1-800-USA RAIL.


The AHA will reimburse mileage at the federal rate (currently $0.535/ mile), tolls, and parking charges as long as the total expenses do not exceed airfare and fall within the maximum travel amounts.


The AHA will pay transportation to and from an airport or train station. The AHA cannot pay for a rental car for this purpose. The AHA will also cover airport-parking charges at your home airport.


  • The AHA will make lodging reservations for you at the AHA's meeting hotel. The hotel requires us to submit a rooming list 45 days before the meeting, so please e-mail the nights needed at the hotel by the specified deadline.
  • Details about your hotel accommodations will be sent to you as the meeting date approaches. The AHA will pay only for the number of nights necessary for your attendance at the meeting, but will pay for additional night(s) if:
    • The cost of staying an additional night results in airfare savings greater than the cost of another night in the hotel and the cost of your meals.
    • An additional night's lodging is required in order for you to attend the meeting, e.g. the meeting begins early in the morning, or travel distance necessitates an additional night's stay.
  • If you are accompanied on the trip, additional guest charges at the hotel will be deducted from your reimbursement check.


Your hotel room and occupancy tax will be charged to the AHA. You will be responsible for your incidentals, e.g. non-business-related calls, in-room movie charges, etc. If you claim business-related telephone calls, please note the number and individual called.


For meals other than working meals served during the meeting, please use your best judgment in charging them to the Association. The maximum reimbursement amount is based on the federal per diem rates for the city in which the meeting is held. Please check the GSA website for current guidelines.


Please submit all reimbursement vouchers, with receipts to the AHA's meetings assistant Joe Gardella at JGardella@historians.org. Please be aware that it may take several weeks to process your reimbursement.

The AHA now offers the option to receive travel and other reimbursements by direct deposit (ACH) to your banking institution. If you have not already signed up for direct deposit with the AHA and would like to do so, please complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form and submit it with your voucher and receipts.

If you have any questions or special needs, please call Joe Gardella at 202-544-2422 ext. 100 or e-mail JGardella@historians.org