Published Date

January 11, 2024

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AHA Policies and Documents

The AHA Member Forum supports the exchange of ideas and information between members of the Association. Member discussions help AHA Council and staff consider AHA policies, publications, and initiatives. We are grateful for this input.

We encourage AHA members to use this forum to raise questions related to historical work; request information about historical research, teaching, or public practice; or participate in a conversation about AHA activities and initiatives. You are also welcome to share information about upcoming conferences or calls for papers.

The Member Forum is a fully moderated space to ensure the best possible experience for our members. All comments are reviewed by a team of AHA staff. Most comments are approved within 24 hours of submission during the work week.

When posting on the Member Forum, please adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. This is your community. Please behave in a professional manner and treat your fellow members with the respect you’d expect to receive from them.
  2. Aim for civil debate grounded in evidence-based arguments. We encourage respectful disagreement, but expect discussion to adhere to the standards articulated in the AHA’s Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct.
  3. Comments are limited to 600 words. All comments over 600 words will be rejected, and the author may resubmit a shorter version within the word limit.
  4. Contributors to forum threads should stick to the topic being discussed and make substantive additions to the conversation. Members should feel free to start new discussions if they want to introduce historical issues that diverge from existing conversations.
  5. This is a private community intended to allow for frank, thoughtful conversation among members. Posts are not to be quoted or screenshotted, or otherwise shared outside this community, whether on social media or elsewhere.
  6. The following are not permitted in the Member Forum:
    • Pejorative or defamatory posts of individuals or groups.
    • Polemics of a political nature. Discussion of issues that concern political parties or politicians should be written with careful consideration, remaining with the bounds of historical issues.
    • Marketing that leads to personal or institutional financial gain. This includes advertisement of merchandise, books, jobs, or paid memberships in other organizations. If you would like to advertise with the AHA, please see the information for advertisers or the AHA Career Center.
    • Promotion of candidates for AHA elected positions.

Thank you for following these guidelines and for being part of our community. We look forward to your posts and conversations.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by contributors to the Member Forum do not necessarily reflect those of the American Historical Association.