Our Chinese Ally

Our Chinese AllyBy Owen and Eleanor Lattimore
Mr. Lattimore, Director, Pacific Operations, Office of War Information

Where Is China and What Does It Look Like?

  • China’s Provinces
  • Thirty Centuries of Isolation

Who Are the Chinese?

  • What Are Chinese Like?
  • Where Do the Chinese Live?
  • Two Occupational Groups
  • Modern Chinese

The Oldest Living Civilization

  • We Were Once the “Backward” Ones
  • In the Beginning
  • How Dynasties Rose and Fell
  • Of What Use Today Is an Old Civilization?

China and the West

  • Superior China
  • The Opium War and the Superior West
  • The Open Door Held China Together

The Chinese Revolution

  • The First Revolution Got Rid of the Manchus
  • The Second Revolution United China
  • Preparing for the Storm

The War in China

  • The War Began on Manchuria
  • The Sian Kidnaping
  • The “China Incident”
  • Trading Space for Time
  • Magnetic Warfare and Guerilla Fighting
  • After Pearl Harbor

Today and Tomorrow

  • Is China a Democracy?
  • Going to School in Wartime
  • Industrial Cooperatives
  • Modern Chinese Women
  • But China Is Not Yet Modernized
  • After the War

To the Leader

  • Who are the Chinese?
  • The Oldest Civilization—Asset or Liability?
  • A Miracle?
  • Is China a Democracy?
  • China Tomorrow

Some Suggestions for Further Reading