EM 6: Why Do Veterans Organize? (1946)

Why Do Veterans Organize?By Dixon Wecter
(Published January 1946)


Why Do Human Beings Want to Be Joiners?

  • The big initiation
  • Seeing the elephant
  • The spirit of reunions
  • We have drunk from the same canteen

Will Organization Help You Become a Civilian?

  • When the big parade is over
  • Veterans and jobs
  • Where do we go from here?

How Can Veterans’ Organizations Serve the Nation?

  • Guardians of the faith

How Can Veterans’ Organizations Serve Themselves?

  • Legal redress
  • Modern times
  • The Legion and the bonus
  • Where are the majority?

What Will Today’s Veterans Do about Organizing?

  • For officers only?
  • Worse errors
  • Axes to grind
  • Give and take
  • What can the veteran give?

To the Discussion Leader

  • What is the leader’s role
  • What type of discussion is most effective?
  • Questions for discussion

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