Suggestions for Further Reading

These books are suggested for supplementary reading if it so happens that you have access to them. They are not approved nor officially supplied by the War Department. They have been selected because they, give additional information and represent different points of view.

VIKINGS OF THE SUNRISE. By Peter H. Buck. Published by Frederick A. Stokes Co., 227 South 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. (1938).

PACIFIC TREASURE ISLAND: NEW CALEDONIA. By Wilfred G. Burchett. Published by F. W. Cheshire, Melbourne, Australia (1941).

FIJI, LITTLE INDIA OF THE PACIFIC. By John W. Coulter. Published by University of Chicago Press, 5750 Ellis Ave., Hyde Park Station, Chicago, Ill. (1942).

ISLANDS OF THE PACIFIC. By Hawthorne Daniel. Published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 2 West 45th St., New York 19, N. Y. (1943).

THE SOUTH SEAS IN THE MODERN WORLD. By Felix M. Keesing. Published for the Institute of Pacific Relations by John Day Co., 2 West 45th St., New York, N. Y. (1941).

ISLAND PEOPLES OF THE WESTERN PACIFIC: MICRONESIA AND MELANESIA. By Herbert W. Krieger. No. 16 of War Background Studies published by Smithsonian Institution, Washington 25, D. C. (1943).

A YANKEE DOCTOR IN PARADISE. By Sylvester M. Lambert. Published by Little, Brown and Co., 34 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. (1941).

THE MAKING OF MODERN NEW GUINEA. By Stephen W. Reed. Published in cooperation with the Institute of Pacific. Relations by the American Philosophical Society, Independence Square, Philadelphia, Pa. (1943).

GUAM AND ITS PEOPLE. By Laura Thompson. Published by Institute of Pacific Relations, 1 East 54th St., New York 22, N: Y. (1943).

SAILING DIRECTIONS FOR THE PACIFIC ISLANDS. Issued under authority of the Secretary of the Navy by the United States Hydrographic Office. In two volumes. Printed by the Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C. May be obtained from either the Printing Office or the Hydrographic Office.

POCKET GUIDE TO NEW CALEDONIA; POCKET GUIDE TO NEW GUINEA AND THE SOLOMONS. Pamphlets prepared by the Special Service Division, Army Service Forces, United States Army. War and Navy Departments, Washington, D. C.

From EM 45: What Future for the Islands of the Pacific? (1944)