EM 45: What Future for the Islands of the Pacific? (1944)

The Islands of the PacificBy Felix M. Keesing
Professor, Stanford University
(Published October 1944)

At Our Western Doors

From Honolulu to Port Moresby

  • Island Peoples
  • A Political Patchwork

Why Are the Powers Interested?

  • Rivalries for Sea Lanes and Ports
  • The United States Gains Territories
  • A More Active Policy
  • A War Footing
  • “Remember Pearl Harbor”
  • Military Governments Take Charge

What Should Be Done?

  • What Are Other Nations Thinking?

The Island Populations

  • Polynesia
  • Melanesia
  • Micronesia
  • Vigorous Peoples
  • White Settlers
  • Peoples from Asia
  • New Island Stocks
  • Political Patchwork

Political Control

  • The American Stake
  • The Former Japanese Islands
  • The British Islands
  • Other National Stakes

How Are the Islands Governed?

  • “Indirect Rule”
  • How Much Self-Government Is There?
  • Do the Non-Natives Have a Say?
  • Are There “Nationalist” Movements?

How Do the Natives Make a Living?

  • Commerce and Depression
  • Are the Islands Rich in Minerals?
  • What Are the Economic Prospects?

At the Postwar Conference Tables

  • What Are Some Possible Lines of Policy?
  • Five Zones
  • Tasks To Be Done

To the Leader

  • Questions for Discussion

Suggestions for Further Reading