EM 40: Will the French Republic Live Again? (1944)

Will the French Republic Live Again?By John B. Wolf
Professor of History, University of Minnesota
(Published June 1944)

Dream of Security

  • Nightmare of Defeat
  • The World’s Awakening
  • Cracks in the Armor

Fighting the Last War

  • Politics of Power
  • Unwilling Warriors
  • Outside Aims and Inside Aid
  • Noisy But Not Numerous

Two Revolutions

  • Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
  • Reactionaries on the Right
  • The Second Revolution

The Party Line-Up

  • Every Man His Own Party

The Other Branches of Government

The Bureaucracy

Church vs. State

Population Problems

  • Industry, Limited
  • Steel and Aluminum
  • Farms and Farmers
  • Paying Protection Money
  • The Little Things in Life

The Question of the Future

  • Factors for the Future: Four Sure Things
  • The Big Issues
  • The Silent People

Unscrambling the Economic Eggs

  • Temporary Government
  • France in the Coming World

To the Leader

  • How to Use This Pamphlet