EM 39: Shall I Go into Business for Myself? (1946)

Shall I Go into Business for Myself?By Herbert Heaton
Professor of History, University of Minnesota
(Published January 1946)

How Much Room Is There for New Businesses?

  • Will they all come back to life?
  • Some will get trampled in the rush
  • The sobering truth
  • Business—all sizes and shapes

What Kinds of Businesses Have the Best Chances?

  • The chance to be of service
  • The extent of small businesses before the war
  • Small cogs are important, too

Can Small Businesses Compete with the Big Ones?

  • What chance for a little fellow?
  • Typical Operation of a Retail Hardware Store in 1939
  • The limits to largeness
  • Likes and dislikes

Case Histories of Veterans Back in Business

  • Bigness may cost too much
  • Efficiency makes the difference
  • Can little businesses get the benefits of bigness?
  • The benefits of cooperation
  • The high cost of competition

Do Small Businesses Suffer More in a Depression?

  • Dangerous quicksands
  • The national debtor habit

Does Self-Employment Work Like a Dream?

  • The unattractive side
  • Or do you want to be a wage earner after all?
  • There is a niche and a need

Ask Yourself These Questions

To the Discussion Leader

  • Discussion leader’s role
  • What kind of discussion is best?
  • Handbook for discussion leaders
  • Questions on small business

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