EM 38: Who Should Choose a Civil Service Career? (1946)

Who Should Choose a Civil Service Career?By Henry Reining, Jr.
Educational Director, National Institute of Public Affairs

Revised by Civil Service Commission

(Published January 1946)

Why Do We Have a Merit System?

The Early Presidents

  • But what about Congress?
  • Jacksonian democracy
  • What did Lincoln do?
  • General Grant’s reforms
  • Even Guiteau couldn’t do it alone
  • What were the provisions of the Pendleton Act?

What Is Federal Civil Service Like Today?

  • How does the retirement system work?
  • What is position-classification?
  • What is the pay for federal jobs?
  • Are all government jobs under civil service?
  • Should all government jobs be under civil service?
  • What about the foreign service and TVA?
  • Can a civil servant run for elective office?
  • Must public employees pay political assessments?
  • What is personnel administration?

How Does One Get a Job in Civil Service?

  • What kinds of jobs are available in civil service?
  • But aren’t most government jobs clerical?
  • How do you get a government job?

Are Veterans Preferred in Civil Service?

  • Who is entitled to veterans preference?
  • Is it “cricket” to claim veterans preference?

What Kind of People Take Civil Service Jobs?

  • What’s all this talk about bureaucrats?
  • Can a government worker be fired?
  • Can government employees join a union?
  • What personal qualities should one have?
  • Government is public service

To the Discussion Leader

  • How can civil service be discussed?
  • Questions to stimulate discussion

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