EM 37: Will There Be a Plane in Every Garage? (1945)

Will There Be a Plane in Every Garage?By Robert M. Farr
Staff Writer, Science Service (Institute for the Popularization of Science)
(Published August 1945)

Who Is Going to Fly the Planes of Tomorrow?

  • Are you going to own a plane?
  • How much will it cost?

What Will the Postwar Planes Be Like?

  • All plastic or none?
  • The familiar types
  • Pusher planes
  • Water birds
  • The unfamiliar types
  • Sunday supplement airplanes
  • What’s the truth about helicopters?
  • Will helicopters replace small planes?
  • Is it easy to fly a helicopter?
  • Will the helicopter replace the automobile?

Is Buying a Plane Just Like Buying a Car?

  • Why do you want a plane?
  • Think before you buy
  • The power plant
  • Grasshoppers for sale; Uncle Sam, prop.
  • Now—or later?
  • One-third down, a year to pay
  • How long will you keep your plane?

Who's Going To Provide Your Ground Facilities?

  • Airports are necessary
  • It’s a community job

Are You Physically Fit To Be a Pilot?

  • Are war pilots safe flyers?
  • The importance of being healthy
  • What happens to you when you fly?
  • Do you measure up?
  • Handicapped persons can fly

How Should Private Flying Be Regulated?

  • Who says you can fly?

So You're Going to Fly—Or Be Flown?

  • Better take some money along too
  • The question is yours to answer

To the Discussion Leader

  • Additional questions for discussion

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