EM 34: Shall I Go Back to School? (1945)

Shall I Go Back to School?By Francis J. Brown
Consultant, American Council on Education

Revised by E.G. Williamson
Dean and Professor of Psychology, University of Minnesota

(Published June 1945)

Introduction: “Just Wait Till I Get Out of the Army!”

What Is Important?

  • What do you learn in school?
  • Training for a particular kind of job
  • General education

The School of Life

  • Who pays the cost?
  • What about the old job?
  • Why more training?Are there jobs?

What Will It Cost?

  • How long will, the payments last?
  • How long will training take?

Don’t Hurry It Too Much

  • What can you do best?
  • Does age matter?
  • How about marriage?
  • Some other factors

What’s It Like to Go Back to School?

What’s the Best Job Preparation?

  • When haste makes waste
  • What else besides the job?

Who Will Make Up Our Minds?

  • We’ve got to keep alert
  • The great role of education
  • Why do we behave like human beings?
  • Here’s to your health
  • What makes it tick?
  • That creative urge

One Life or Nine?

  • What does that mean?
  • The role of guidance
  • Will there be much red tape?
  • For further help
  • Which way?

To the Discussion Leader

  • Discussion techniques
  • Reading
  • Questions for discussion

For Further Reading