What Are Some Towns Doing?

The citizens of thousands of Hometowns are busy these days talking about and planning their postwar futures. Almost in-variably their first concern is to make certain that there will be jobs enough. They want to insure a sound and prosperous future so that people’s energies can be used in activities over and above the mere routines of earning a living.

Each community planning program seems to take shape around one central objective. In one town it may be a special program to encourage the establishment of new small busi-nesses; in another a plan to keep war-born industries on a permanent basis; in a third it may be the development of new residential colonies on a Hometown-is-a-good-place-to-live theme.

Several examples of community postwar planning now in progress are described on the following pages.

Albert Lea, Minnesota

Richmond, Virginia

Bradenton, Florida

Franklin Square, Long Island

Worcester, Massachusetts