EM 29: Is Your Health the Nation's Business? (1946)

Is Your Health the Nation's Business?By Dr. Dean and Mrs. Clark
Medical Director, Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York
(Published January 1946)

Is Health Your Own Business or the Nation’s?

  • Modern medicine comes high
  • Health, wealth, and geography
  • Health services are unorganized
  • What’s to be done?

What Do People Propose To Do About The Situation?

  • Hands of Government!
  • Voluntary insurance
  • Government aid for special programs
  • A nation-wide health program
  • Why national?

What Are the Pillars of a National Health Program?

  • Distribution of costs
  • Facilities and personnel
  • Organization of services
  • Group practice
  • A network of hospitals
  • Administration
  • Incomes of physicians
  • Research and education
  • The OSRD report

Has A National Health Program Been Put Before Congress?

  • The First Wagner-Murray-Dingell Bill
  • Reaction to the bill
  • The new Wagner-Murray-Dingell bills
  • Summary of opinion
  • The Hill-Burton Hospital Construction Bill

What Is the A.M.A. Program?

What Are the Main Issues?

To The Discussion Leader

  • How can you plan a discussion meeting?
  • What kind of discussion works best?
  • Can discussion handbooks be helpful?
  • Questions for discussion

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