EM 25: What Shall We Do with Our Merchant Fleet? (1946)

What Shall We Do with Our Merchant Fleet?By Thomas C. Cochran
Professor, NYU

William Miller
Writer, formerly with Fortune Magazine

Revised by Department of State, Maritime Commission, and War Shipping Administration

(Published January 1946)

How Big a Merchant Marine Do We Want

  • Is the decision important?
  • We might get pushed around!
  • Who’ll do the pushing?
  • Take another case

How Many Tons of Ships Do We Have Now?

  • Self-Propelled Vessels over 1000 Gross Tons
  • What is our merchant marine today?
  • Where do we stand now?
  • What about the tankers?
  • What about the Liberties?
  • Victories and C-Types are the big problem

What Could We Do with Our Present Fleet?

  • How many alternatives are there?
  • What happened after World War I?
  • A lot more happened after World War I

What Has Our Experience Been in the Past?

  • What was done about it?
  • What happened to our foreign trade?
  • Why subsidize?
  • From 1936 to now
  • What about disposal now?

Are the Proposed Solutions Acceptable?

  • What about the price?
  • Just what is the demand?
  • The amount of trade is the key
  • What will we do with the rest?
  • A knotty problem

To the Discussion Leader

  • How do you stimulate interest?
  • What kind of discussion program?
  • What are other aids for the leader?
  • Questions for readers and discussion leaders

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