EM 19: Building a Workable Peace (1946)

Building a Workable PeaceBy Phillips Bradley
Director of Research, New York State School of Industrial & Labor Relations and Professor, Queens College (NY)
(Published January 1946)

Why Do We Need A World Organization?

  • Another chance and another try
  • Charter of the United Nations

What Lay Behind the San Francisco Conference?

What Were the Problems Faced at San Francisco?

  • Membership
  • The big nations and the small ones
  • The need for speed
  • Regionalism
  • Dependent areas
  • Economic and social issues
  • Amendments

What Machinery Was Set Up At San Francisco?

  • The six chief organs
  • How can a state become a member?
  • Can a member resign or be expelled?
  • May a state have more than one vote?

What Are the Functions of the General Assembly?

  • Can the General Assembly act on a dispute?
  • Can the Assembly pass international legislation?

What Is the Economic and Social Council?

  • What will the Economic and Social Council do?
  • Helping hands
  • Others, old and new
  • How do these agencies help maintain peace?

What Is the Trusteeship System for Dependent Areas?

  • What will the Trusteeship Council do?
  • What are the Charter's colonial principles?
  • Are these principles workable?

Do We Need an International Civil Service?

How Does the Charter Promote the Rule of Law?

  • How will the new World Court operate?
  • What law will the Court apply?
  • Do we need a code o f world law?
  • Does the Charter write a code o f law?
  • Is the legal obligation o f the Charter effective?

What Are the Charter Provisions for Preventing War?

  • How is the Security Council organized?
  • What are the Security Council's functions?
  • What machinery is there for peaceful settlement?
  • How will this machinery work?
  • What if war threatens?
  • How will economic sanctions be applied?
  • Military sanctions-what are they?
  • How will military sanctions be applied?

How Do Regional Systems Fit into the Charter?

How Will the Security Council Vote?

  • Is the veto a necessary part o f the charter?
  • Does the veto power make the Charter ineffective?
  • Will mobilized world opinion be effective?

What Is America's Stake in the Charter?

  • What about our influence in world affairs?
  • Is the Charter perfect?
  • Can it be improved?