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Academic Job Market

Job Listings Fall 7.3% for History Ph.D.'s, Association Reports, Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Ph.D.'s Guide to a Nonfaculty Job Search, Chronicle of Higher Education.

Your Third Year in a Ph.D. Program, Chronicle of Higher Education.

American Historical Review

Born Digital, Projects Need Attention to Survive, Chronicle of Higher Education.

Annual Meeting

Historians Grapple with How to Get to the 'Malleable Ph.D.', Chronicle of Higher Education.

Digital Humanities

Sustaining Open Access, Inside Higher Ed.


Academic Job Market

Scholarly Groups Chip Away at Taboo of Nonacademic Careers, Chronicle of Higher Education.

Humanities Jobs Decline, Inside Higher Ed.

Employed But..., Inside Higher Ed.

Most History Ph.D.'s Have Jobs, Chronicle of Higher Education.

A Move to Bring Staff Scholars Out of the Shadows, Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Jobs We Want?, Inside Higher Ed.

Career Diversity

$1.6 Million Grant Will Better Prepare History Ph.D.'s for Range of Careers, Chronicle of Higher Education.

A Broader History Ph.D., Inside Higher Ed.

Association Aims to Widen the Playing Field for History Ph.D.s, Associations Now.

Social Science History 2: Electric Boogaloo, Digital Campus.

After Administration, Chronicle of Higher Education.

AHA Statement on Digital Dissertation Publication

Embargoes for Dissertations?, Inside Higher Ed.

Open-Access Movement Makes Inroads Beyond Science, Chronicle of Higher Education.

Historical Association Promotes Policy to Protect Ph.D.'s, Associations Now.

Embargo or Perish, Inside Higher Ed.

Historians Seek a Delay in Posting Dissertations, New York Times.

Embargoes Can Go Only So Far to Help New Ph.D.'s Get Published, Experts Say, Chronicle of Higher Education.

Scholars' Dissertation (Letter to the Editor), New York Times.

Harvard Criticizes Historians' Statement on Dissertation Embargoes, Inside Higher Ed.

Another Push for Embargoes, Inside Higher Ed.

American Historical Review

The Inevitable Climate Catastrophe, Chronicle of Higher Education.

Annual Meeting

7 Ways to Make Your Next Conference Great, Associations Now.

Saying 'Thank You', Inside Higher Ed.

A Religious Legacy, With Its Leftward Tilt, Is Reconsidered, New York Times.

Banish the Thought, New York Times.

Digital Humanities

Digital-History Expert to Lead New Media Center, Chronicle of Higher Education.

Graduate Education

More Humanities Ph.D.s, Inside Higher Ed.

How We Reached This Point, Part 2, Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Part-Time Ph.D. Student, Chronicle of Higher Education.

Training Historians and the Dual Degree, Chronicle of Higher Education.

'4 Years Is Enough' and Other Reforms, Chronicle of Higher Education.

More Than One Possible Future, Chronicle of Higher Education.

Higher Education

Disappointed, Not Surprised, Inside Higher Ed.

Staying Relevant, Inside Higher Ed.

Disrupting the Disruptors, Inside Higher Ed.


Does History Matter?, Inside Higher Ed.

Historians Criticize Mitch Daniels, Inside Higher Ed.

Historians Defend Howard Zinn Against a Former Governor's Critique, New York Times.

The End of History?, Inside Higher Ed.

Historians to Congress: Include US in Creating National Women's History Museum, Associations Now.

Humanities and or Social Sciences

Making the Case for Liberal Arts, Inside Higher Ed.

A New Humanities Report Card, Inside Higher Ed.

Humanities Scholars Grapple With Their Pitch to the Public, Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Humanities in Dubious Battle, Chronicle of Higher Education.

Scholars as 'Foreign Agents', Inside Higher Ed.


Educators Point to a 'Crisis of Mediocre Teaching', Chronicle of Higher Education.

11 Problems Created by the Standardized Testing Obsession, Washington Post.


Recommendations for Letters, Inside Higher Ed.

New Scam Targets Scholars, Inside Higher Ed.

An MLA History, Minus the Nostalgia, Chronicle of Higher Education.

The New Academic Celebrity, Chronicle of Higher Education.

Open Libraries and Open Syllabi, Digital Campus


February 13, 2012

History Faculty Begin Nationwide Tuning Project: What Should History Degree-Holders Know and Be Able to Do?


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December 6, 20052006 Book Prize announcements

August 15, 2005-AHA's governing Council passes new Statement on Peer Review for History Research

Oral History and Institutional Review Boards

June 8, 2004-AHA Council Reaffirms Policy Statement on Oral History and Institutional Review Boards

Related Items:Letter of concurrence from Michael A. Carome, Associate Director, Office for Human Research Protections
Frequently Asked Questions on Policy Statement and
"Historians and Institutional Review Boards: A Brief Bibliography
by Linda Shopes (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission) and Donald Ritchie (U.S. Senate Historical Office), former members of Council.


AHA and Issues of Professional Misconduct

January 28, 2005-AHA's governing Council endorses Revised Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct.

May 5, 2003-AHA Council Statement on Changes in Efforts Relating to Professional Misconduct 

Employment of Part-time and Adjunct Faculty

May 5, 2003-AHA Council Endorses Standards for the Use of Part-time and Adjunct Faculty

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