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Press Policy Press Policy for the AHA Annual Meeting


American Historical Association Statement on Policies Regarding the Embargoing of Completed History PhD Dissertations

Q&A on the AHA's Statement on Embargoing of History Dissertations

American Historical Association Statement on Academic Freedom in the Classroom

The AHA Supports Russian Scholars

AHA Protests Senate Initiative to Restrict Funding of Political Science Research


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December 6, 20052006 Book Prize announcementsAugust 15, 2005-AHA's governing Council passes new Statement on Peer Review for History Research

Oral History and Institutional Review Boards

June 8, 2004-AHA Council Reaffirms Policy Statement on Oral History and Institutional Review Boards

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Frequently Asked Questions on Policy Statement and
"Historians and Institutional Review Boards: A Brief Bibliography
by Linda Shopes (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission) and Donald Ritchie (U.S. Senate Historical Office), former members of Council.


AHA and Issues of Professional Misconduct

January 28, 2005-AHA's governing Council endorses Revised Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct.May 5, 2003-AHA Council Statement on Changes in Efforts Relating to Professional Misconduct 

Employment of Part-time and Adjunct Faculty

May 5, 2003-AHA Council Endorses Standards for the Use of Part-time and Adjunct Faculty

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