Elizabeth Lehfeldt

Liz LehfeldtLiz Lehfeldt is professor and chair of the History Department at Cleveland State University. Her scholarship focuses on the intersection of gender, religion, and society in late medieval and early modern Europe. She is the author of Religious Women in Golden Age Spain (Ashgate, 2005) as well as numerous articles on female monasticism that have appeared in the Sixteenth Century Journal, Journal of Social History, Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, and Archive for Reformation History. In 2013 she will be the cice president/president-elect of the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference.  Her work as a regular contributor to the blog Wonders and Marvels, illustrates her desire to bridge the gap between the academy and a broader public. In that vein, she is passionate about helping students realize the connection between the skills they acquire as history majors and their ability to flourish in their careers. She believes that the Tuning project will advance this goal and highlight how the discipline of history helps prepare an informed and participatory citizenry.