Visual Primary Sources, Exercise 2

Visual representations are just as complex and often more cryptic than textual images. Never underestimate the richness of "pictures." Give yourself plenty of time to complete this assignment. You will be asked to look carefully, think analytically and justify all your observations. Here are the two steps to this exercise:

1. Review How to Prepare Visual Primary Sources. Follow the instructions as you review the below images. Write down your responses to the questions as you move through the Web site. These will be collected and graded. Remember, explanatory blurbs are nice but the goal here is to learn to describe and interpret what you see.

2. Click here to access images of European art. I've provided key words for each image. These are informal subject headings. They are not definitive and prescriptive. I've included these terms to help spark your creative energies and facilitate associative thought. See if you agree with my choices. Would you label the images differently? Why or why not? Can you develop keywords that I've omitted?