The United States 1865 to the Present Syllabus

Required Books

  • Henretta, et. al. America: A Concise History, Vol. 2, cited as Text in assignments.
  • Huehner, David, History 102: Manual.
  • Riis, Jacob, How the Other Half Lives.
  • Tygiel, Jules, Baseball's Great Experiment: Jack Robinson and His Legacy.
  • Worster, Daniel, Dust Bowl.

Note: Lecture topics, reading assignments, Web Modules, and films subject to change.

Lecture Topics, Readings, Web Modules, and Map Assignments

Week One

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 16.
Topics: Lecture 1: Introduction.
Film: "Birth of a Nation" pt. 1

Week Two

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 17.
Web Module #1-- Lynch Law and Segregation 
Map Assignment: Civil War 2: Reconstruction: Military Dist.
Topics: Film: "Birth of a Nation," pt. 2.
Lecture 2: Reconstruction: The Politics of Victory and the Adjustment to Defeat.

Week Three

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 18.
Web Module #1 Discussion (Rough Draft Due)
Map Assignment: Reconstruction: Western Routes.
Topics: Lecture 3: Reconstruction: Economic and Social Adjustments.
Lecture 4: The Gilded Age: The Rise of Big Business.

Week Four

Weekly Assignments: Text, Chap. 19.
Web Module #2-- The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. (Final Report on Web Module #1 Due)
Map Assignment: Reconstruction: 19th Century Violence.
Topics: Lecture 5: The Gilded Age: The Changing Nature of Work.
Lecture 6: The Gilded Age: The Last Frontier.

Week Five

Weekly Assignments: Text, Chap. 20, 21.
Web Module #2-- The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Discussion (Rough Draft Due)
Map Assignment: Progressivism 1: Continental USA after 1912.
Topics: Lecture 7: The Gilded Age: The Politics of Equilibrium and its Critics.
Lecture 8: Conditions Old and New: Immigration.

Week Six

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 22.
Disc. Sec. Riis, How the Other Half Lives, vii-119.
(Final Report Web Module #2 Due)
Map Assignment: U.S. Expansionism 1: Latin American Expansionism.
Topics: Lecture 9: Conditions Old and New: Urbanization.
Lecture 10: The Reform Impulse: Imperialism.

Week Seven

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 23.
Disc. Sec. Assignment: Study for Exam (No Discussion sections this week.)
Topics: Lecture 11: The Reform Impulse: Reform from the Top - Progressivism.

Eight-Week Exam

Week Eight

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 24.
Disc. Sec. Assignments: Riis, How the Other Half Lives, 120-254.
Map Assignments: U.S. Expansionism 2: Pacific Expansion.
Topics: Lecture 12: The Reform Impulse: Reform from Below - Sympathy and Coercion.
Lecture 13: The Reform Impulse: The U.S. and World War I.

Semester Break, March 13-17

Week Nine

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 25.
Web Module #3-- State Violence in the Twentieth Century; Genocide, Democide, and the Holocaust.
Map Assignment: The New Era 1: World War I.
Topics: Lecture 14: The Reform Impulse: The Home Front.
Lecture 15: The 1920s: The Economics and Politics of Growth.

Week Ten

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 26.
Web Module #3 Discussion: (Rough Draft Due)
Map Assignment: The New Era 2: Depression Era Strikes and Violence.
Topics: Lecture 16: The 1920s: The "New Woman" - From the Nursery to the Bedroom.
Lecture 17: The 1920s: The Crash, The Depression, and a "New Deal."

Week Eleven

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 27.
Disc. Sec. Assignment: Worster, The Dust Bowl, 3-97.
(Final Web Module #3 Report Due)
Topics: Lecture 18: The Depression: Just Getting By.
Lecture 19: The Depression: Growing International Tensions.

Week Twelve

Disc. Sec. Assignment: Worster, The Dust Bowl, 99-243.
Map Assignment: The New Deal 1: The War in Europe.
Topics: Film: "Why We Fight: Prelude to War."
Lecture 20: World War II: The Home Front.

Week Thirteen

Weekly Assignments: Text, Chap. 28, 29.
Web Module #4-- Post World War II America: Exploring the Culture and Politics of the United States 1945-1980 
Map Assignment: The New Deal 2: WW II in the Pacific.
Topics: Lecture 21: The Post War Era: The Frustrations of Wars Cold and Hot
Lecture 22: The Post War Society:Conflicting Social Values and the Triumph of the Middle Class.

Week Fourteen

Weekly Assignments: Text, Chap. 30, 31.
Web Module #4 Discussion: (Rough Draft Due).
Map Assignment: Recent America: Civil Rights and Urban Unrest.
Topics: Film: "Blackboard Jungle," pt 1.
Film: "Blackboard Jungle," pt 2.

Week Fifteen

Weekly Assignments: Text, Chap. 32, 33.
Disc. Sec. Assignments: Tygiel, Jackie Robinson and his Legacy, 3-208.
(Web Module #4 Final Report Due)
Map Assignment: Recent America: The Vietnam War.
Topics: Lecture 23: Post War Society: From Camelot to Chaos.
         Lecture 24: Post War Society: The Search for Stability and Order.

Week Sixteen

Assignment: Jackie Robinson and his Legacy, 211-344.
Topics: Lecture 25: Post War Society: Toward a Kinder Gentler Nation?

Important Deadlines:

Eight-Week Exam: Wednesday, March 1.

Paper assignment form due: Monday, April 10.

Paper due: Monday, May 1.

Final Exam: Wednesday, May 10, 10:30 A.M.

Extra Course Films

A list of films, which will be available later in the semester in the library and may be used as the basis for the required course paper, will be distributed later in the semester.

Students with Disabilities

If you are a student with a disability, please feel free to contact me early in the semester for any help or accommodations you may need.

Accommodation of Religious Beliefs

Chapter 22 of the University of Wisconsin Administrative Code states that "It is the policy of the board of regents that students' sincerely held religious beliefs shall be reasonably accommodated with respect to all examinations and other academic requirements." Students should inform the instructor during the first two weeks of the semester of any specific days or dates on which they will request relief from course requirements. The instructor will make every effort to reasonably accommodate all requests for the accommodation of religious beliefs.