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This project is designed to utilize hypermedia to create a virtual learning environment for students to learn historical thinking skills while studying one of the most important events in world history, the conquest of Mexico. The hypermedia environment offers many advantages, but it can also be baffling for those who are unfamiliar working with it. At the same time, the primary sources put together here are all extremely problematic, and I have made deliberate attempts to capture their problematic nature. All of this might be quite intimidating, so I have put together some guides for both students and teachers. Before doing anything else, I would encourage you to read my introduction to the primary sources, so you will understand them.

Using the Web and Citing Sources Found on The Web

Step One: Understand the Primary Sources

Step Two: Setting Up the Project

Step Three: More Things to Think About

Step Four: Preliminary Questions for Your Students

Step Five: Critical  Thinking Questions for Your Students

For the Record: Who Created This Project?

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