The 19th Century US Survey and American Religions through the Civil War

By David Hoeveler
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee



Reflective Essay: The U.S. Survey, 19th Century

Reflective Essay: American Religions

Project Summary

Religion and the Founding of the American Republic

American Religions to 1870 Website Visuals


J. David Hoeveler is professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Among other courses he teaches both sections of the introductory courses in United States history. He is the author of The New Humanism: A Critique of Modern America, 1900-1940 (1977), James McCosh and the Scottish Intellectual Tradition: from Glasgow to Princeton (1981), Watch on the Right: Conservative Intellectuals in the Reagan Era (1992), and The Postmodernist Turn: American Thought and Culture in the 1970s (1996). His book The American Colonial Colleges: Intellect and Politics, will be published in 2001.