The Charleston Convention

Leavenworth Daily Times, April 28, 1860

All is seeming confusion at Charleston. What will come out of the Convention—whether order or disorder—no one can tell, till its final action is had.

Everything centers on the "nigger." No move is made—no motion offered, no measure proposed—of a central character, which does not refer to the slave, or the interest of the slaveholder. The white man is overlooked at Charleston save as he may be duped.

As for Presidential candidates, all is in the dark. Douglas cannot succeed, unless the South caves. That the South will do so, is not thought possible. Very likely—a mid-man—Dickinson, of N.Y., or some standing as he does, will be selected "as a sort of compromise."

No doubt of the platform. It will be strong pro-slavery all over. But see the telegraphic report and judge.