Basic Requirements for AA Degree, Delta College

Institution: Delta College

Location: University Center, MI

Tuner: Laura Dull

Year: 2014

Basic Requirements
1. Earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of "C" (2.0) in the programs required to complete an Associate degree.

2. Fulfill all of the prescribed requirements of the specific program including courses, credit hours, grades, and/or hours of attendance.

3. Earn a minimum of 62 credits.

4. Successfully complete ENG III and ENG 112 (College Composition I and II)

5. Successfully complete three credits in Communication from the following list of approved courses: COM 112, COM 114, COM 202, COM 212, COM 214, COM 215, COM 222, COM 224, COM 235, COM 236, COM 244 or COM 245

6. Successfully complete three to four credits in Foundation Civics courses: POL 103, 104, 212, 215, 220, 221, 223, 225, 228, 232, 229, HIS 221, 222, or 237

***Note: HIS 237 and POL 104 will satisfy requirements 6 and 7

7. Successfully complete one of the following Civic Engagement options in addition to the Foundational Civics courses listed above

a) Designated Service Learning course across the curriculum
b) A Social Science Civic Engagement project (1 credit). A faculty member must supervise this project, either as a project tied to a course, or as individualized instruction.
c) Note: HIS 237 and POL 104 will satisfy requirements 6 and 7

8. Successfully complete three to four credits in Mathematics courses from the following list: MTH 116, 118, 120 or higher.

9. Successfully complete six credits in writing-across-the curriculum (W will appear after the course designation).

10. Successfully complete a minimum of two credits of Lifelong Wellness.