Student Learning Outcomes, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Institution: Kate Lang

Location: Eau Claire, WI

Tuner: Kate Lang

Year: 2014

History students at UW-Eau Claire learn about the history of our world while they develop important skills that are transferrable to a variety of contexts.

Our program assessment assumes that graduates of UW-Eau Claire who complete the history major will be able to:

• Analyze diverse experiences of or viewpoints on past events or historical developments.

• Recognize both continuity and change over time and describe their consequences.

• Complete a substantial historical research project, identifying and interpreting primary and secondary sources and communicating results effectively in writing and orally.

• Construct arguments that explain how history can inform the present.

• Evaluate credibility, position, or perspective of various forms of historical evidence.

• Compare and connect local, national, and global histories.

Note: History minors will meet the first two outcomes for the History major. History teaching minors (and BFSS students with a 24 credit history concentration) will meet the first two outcomes for the History major and:

• Identify appropriate primary and secondary sources for a research project.

In addition to the outcomes for the Liberal Arts major, public history graduates will be able to:

• Create complex interpretations of the past collaboratively with public audiences.

In addition to the other outcomes for their major, students completing history honors will:

• Explore historical content and methodologies in greater depth

• Complete a substantial research project incorporating more sophisticated analyses of historical evidence

In addition to the outcomes for the Liberal Arts major, history education graduates will be able to:

• Engage K-12 students in historical analysis.

In addition to the outcomes for their 36 and 24 credit concentrations in Social Studies disciplines, broadfield social studies graduates will be able to:

• Integrate knowledge, skills and methods of inquiry from more than one social studies discipline.