We fear that more harm than good will result from the deliberations of the Convention now in session at Washington. The Virginia delegation, at whose insistence it was called, require of the Northern Commissioners the most humiliating concessions, before they, the said F.F.V.’s, will even listen to any negotiations whatever. Perhaps, when these high-toned gentry hear the returns from the recent election in their State, they may modify their insolent demands somewhat.

The Convention has chosen John Tyler permanent President. This is not a very encouraging indication of its love for the Union. That Ex-President long since distinguished himself by betraying his party; and more recently he has signified his disposition to betray his country, by making a blackguard speech at Richmond, in which he denounced the Union in terms of the most disgusting profanity. Tyler is better adapted to preside over a council of traitors than a Convention assembled ostensibly for a patriotic purpose.