1. The Presidential election turns upon a single fact. If the Northern people, believe that the Southern people will dissolve their connection with them, should the Black Republican party succeed in electing LINCOLN to the Presidency—LINCOLN will be defeated. Should they, on the contrary, believe, that the Southern people will submit to Black Republican domination by the election of LINCOLN to the Presidency LINCOLN will be elected.
  2. There is but one way, by which the people of the North can be convinced, that the people of the South will not submit to Black Republican domination by the election of LINCOLN; and that is, by their union against him. Everything, therefore, which tends to disunite the South, aids the election of LINCOLN.
  3. The only party in the South, standing simply on the sectional rights of the South, and opposed to the sectional policy of Black Republicanism in the North, is the party which supports BRECKINRIDGE and LANE for the Presidency; and this party commands the immense majority of the Southern people.
  4. Those who oppose this party in the South, do all in their power, to satisfy the Northern people that the Southern people will submit to Black Republican domination, by the election of LINCOLN to the Presidency. They, therefore, powerfully aid his election in the North.
  5. The Union-savers in the South are especially the most efficient allies of the Black Republican party. By assailing, with disunionism, their brethren of the South who support BRECKINRIDGE and LANE, instead of joining them to maintain the rights of the South, they manifest a greater regard for the Union than for the rights of the South. This is all the Black Republican party want, of any ally at the South.
  6. That the Union is stronger than slavery in the South, is an axiom of the Black Republican party. Their success, in grasping the power of the General Government, rests upon it. All movements in the South tending to show that their axiom is true, is a most efficient co-operation with them, and nerves and stimulates their progress and power at the North.
  7. If the above positions be true, then the Union-savers in the South and the Black Republicans are one in their policy; which is, to subject the people of the South to Black Republican domination, by the election of LINCOLN to the Presidency.

We have no doubt of the truth of the above positions; but we by no means intend to charge that those in the South who are upholding for the Presidency Mr. BELL or Mr. DOUGLAS, under the cry of Unionism, realize their true position. Many of the leaders, in this senseless cry, do prefer the destruction of slavery to the destruction of the Union, but the greater part of their supporters are led away by false professions—and an imperfect view of the designs of the Black Republicans —or exaggerated representations of the value of the Union, and the dangers to the South from its dissolution. Time is, however, rapidly sifting out the truth, from the dust of falsehood by which it has been concealed. The assimilation of all parties at the North against the South is showing its development. Squatter Sovereignty, Unionism, and Black Republicanism, are approaching one common fusion. The progress of sectionalism at the North for sectional aggrandisement can only be arrested by the union of the South in defense of her rights. Cannot the Union-savers of the South see that, by their silly policy, they are driving the two great sections of the Union into collision; and that thus the very object they profess to have at heart—the preservation of the Union—will be defeated? Let them join the great majority of the people of the South in the maintenance of their rights, by the election of BRECKINRIDGE and LANE to the Presidency—with the alternative (made manifest by their co-operation) of Union or disunion, plainly presented to the North—and the Union will be safe, as the result of this Presidential election. Does not fidelity to the Union, as well as to the South, require this policy?