Every State in rebellion against the Federal Government, has assumed that position in secret session. In such States as Virginia, North Carolina and Louisiana, the conventions were apparently opposed to the movement until the doors were closed, the members put under oath. Then revelations were made which carried the point, and Union men came out of the secret session violent Secessionists. The nature of this revelation, of this great charm, which acted so powerfully in furthering the revolution, is as yet unknown, except to the oath-bound members of the Convention. Recent events however, indicate pretty plainly what it is.

The Aristocracy of Great Britain have never had any love for the United States. Independent of the blow to their national pride which the two wars inflicted, and the immense commercial rivalry, which needs only a railroad across the plains to most seriously affect the commercial interests of Great Britain, the influence of our institutions upon the people of that country—have seriously endangered the blooded rights of her aristocracy. The extension of the elective franchise, the immense reforms in the manner of elections, the rapid rise of low-born subjects to eminence and power, the increased influences of the working classes, and the sauciness of the press toward a corrupt Government—are among the results of the success of free government on this side of the water.

Nothing is more apparent than that the ancestral privileges of the British aristocracy are endangered, and that if the United States continue in peace and prosperity, there is danger of radical changes being forced upon the British Government by the increasing power of the people. America has opened the eyes of the British people amazingly, as to their own position, and induced them gradually to demand those rights which belong to, and should be enjoyed by, a free people. This is well understood by the British aristocracy, who see their own downfall in the future prosperity of this great Republic. To save themselves, therefore, they must destroy this Confederacy.

This could not be accomplished by a war between the two powers in ordinary times, for the great mass of the British people would not fight against the United States, and with domestic peace here we are ten times the match of Great Britain.

Knowing their utter inability to conquer the United States, “my lords” resort to—what? A LEAGUE WITH THE DISUNIONISTS OF OUR COUNTRY! Taking advantage of the disaffection among the Southern politicians, they have promised them aid and comfort in their work of disrupting and destroying this Government.

This, we firmly believe, is the revelation made to the Southern Conventions in secret session, and which operated so charmingly in behalf of Secession. The Conventions have been informed that Great Britain would recognize the Southern Confederacy as a bel[l]igerent, protest against the blockade of Southern ports, and, if need be, make war upon the United States, to secure free trade with the South.

It will be remembered that from the first the Southern press and Southern orators have boasted that Great Britain would destroy any attempt of the Federal Government to blockade the Southern ports. YANCEY made this boast in Cincinnati previous to the Presidential election, and YANCEY is now in Europe to secure the pledges that then he knew were made. Through Mr. BUCHANAN’s weakness, they succeeded in appointing Ministers to nearly every Court in Europe favorable to their schemes, or so easily worked upon as not to suspect their negotiations with foreign powers.

These facts all tend to confirm the opinion that, in their wicked malice and devilish hatred, the Secession leaders have deliberately sold their country to our ancient enemy, and have intrigued and bargained with the British aristocracy for the downfall of the Republic of WASHINGTON. Relying upon the power of Great Britain, and not upon their own resources, they expect to succeed in destroying the Union.

We firmly believe that after developments will fully reveal this fact. We firmly believe that the Secession leaders have conspired with Great Britain to destroy that proud Government, whose formation she, with the aid of tories and traitors, could not prevent in ’76. We believe the conspiracy the most damnable of modern times, and will be so proven to the world.

Well, if our theory is true, and Great Britain is to take up the cause of the Seceders, let her come on. We are now on a war footing, and in a war mood. We whipped her and our traitors nearly a century ago, and we can do it again. One ball from a British gun at the Stars and Stripes, and millions of freemen will be instantly in arms. Just as soon as JOHN BULL puts his fingers into this fight he will get them so badly scorched, that he will have to nurse them for another century.