The Montgomery Confederacy has by its acts forever stamped itself with eternal infamy. Judged by its acts it is a disgrace to civilization. In the first place, the key stone upon which the whole structure rests is slavery, and oppression in all its most damnable forms. Upon this foundation stands the whole fabric. The Davis dynasty first make civil war upon one of the best governments in the world. They then turn pirates and invite the pirates of the whole world to join them in preying upon northern commerce. They are not only pirates, but thieves and robbers, everywhere stealing the property that they have sold and received their pay for. They don’t stop here, but advance another step, and publish themselves knaves and liars, by repudiating all their northern debts. Their Governors send out their proclamations, commanding their subjects to cheat every man in the north, who has trusted them with goods and other property, and that people respond like loyal subjects of a banditti of pirates. More than this, they are a dynasty of murderers—cruel, cold-blooded murderers of men, women, and children. Not a mail comes from the south that does not contain the most revolting accounts of men, lynched, whipped, tarred and feathered, hung, shot and butchered in cold blood, only because they would not swear fealty to the pirate government of Davis, Beauregard & Co. Female innocence is no protection against southern rapacity. Women and children are grossly insulted and even murdered by the boasted chivalry of the Cottonocracy.

There is not such another despotism on the face of the earth as the Jeff. Davis oligarchy. No man in it is allowed to have an opinion, much less to express one. Terror, worse in all its forms than the horrors of the French Revolution, reigns supreme. Men are forced to bear arms against their will, and their property is stolen and confiscated at pleasure. If they utter a single word of remonstrance, up they go upon the limb of the first tree they meet, or sudden death overtakes them in some other violent form, no less revolting or terrible. Such are the morals of the Southern Confederacy, as shadowed forth in their acts.

Travel creation over and you can find nothing in savage or civilized life, that for attrocity, moral debasement, and unmitigated total depravity, will for a moment compare with the hell-born confederacy at Montgomery. Sodom, Gomorrah, and the “cities of the plain,” in point of morals, would go into the kingdom of heaven before it; and if the christian men of this nation, both North and South, do not wipe it out, there is not an attribute of the Almighty that does not point directly to its complete and final destruction.