Before this falls under the eye of the reader thirty millions of freemen will have decided who is to be their Chief Ruler for the four years following the 4th of March, 1861. Whatever the result of the struggle, no sane man doubts that the minority of our people will bow with submissiveness to the will of the majority. The animosities and sectional prejudices which have agitated the one and the other extremity of the Republic will be allayed, and the people, as they have done heretofore in contests quite as exciting as that just passed, will yield submissively to the fiat of the masses. A republican form of government is wholly under the control of the people, and thus far in the history of this, the experiment of self-government has proven eminently successful. So far as our own State is concerned we believe that the love of the Union is uppermost in the hearts of our people, and that secessionism can never obtain a foothold here. Not a State in our glorious confederacy but is represented in California by its most gallant sons and fairest daughters, and none amongst these are so disloyal as to countenance, for an instant, any movement tending to the disunion of these States. Not one of them but reechoes the beautiful lines of our American poet—

Forever wave that standard sheet,
Where breathes the foe, but falls before us,
With Freedom’s soil beneath our feet,
And Freedom’s banner waving o’er us.