We cannot disguise our intense satisfaction. The news from the Seaboard proves conclusively that treason is at last brought face to face with the Government it has impudently sought to overthrow! There is to be no dodging henceforth the duty of patriots. Under no flimsy disguises or excuses may treason black as hell crouch and crawl and plot the destruction of the Government. For six long weary months has the insolence and impudence of a brood of vipers paralyzed the nation. In apparent stupor the government has borne insults from rebels, until a hiss of scorn seemed about to burst upon its impotence from the civilized world. It moves at last.—Like a giant as it is, and with a power that will be irresistible, the Government in the name of law and the constitution, and under the old flag of the Union is about to decide upon this continent whether the system upon which it is based is a failure or a success. On one side stands rebellion, treason, anarchy, on the other the government, patriotism, law and order.—With one side or the other must all men join. There is no neutral ground between high-handed treason, and the law, where the mere partisan may play the cow-boy of the revolution, between his government and her enemies. The edict has gone forth. The Government will enforce its laws. The first blood spilt will be the signal for the separation of traitors and patriots.—Those who love treason will ally them selves with the traitors, those who love their country will ally themselves with the patriots. We repeat that we cannot disguise our intense satisfaction that this difficulty forced upon the Government by traitors is about to be solved. We have no doubt as to the result.