If the seceders at Charleston are to be believed, they are ready for the conflict. “It must come, and we want it to come,” say they.

What conflict, ask reader?

These very seceders ignore not only every democratic, but every Christian right, claimed for man. They put first and foremost their own issue; and that is, the authority, under the Constitution, to extend human chattelism wherever interest may sustain it, and wherever the flag of the country may waive over our soil.

This is the issue the Democratic seceders at Charleston make.

And who will defend it? Who can defend it? No party, certainly. It would kill any organization that should attempt it. Nationally it would overthrow any statesman who would defend such a policy. Yet four, possibly five, slave States, claiming to be the basis of the Democracy, put it forth and say, “we will sever the party to atoms unless it yields to us.”

It is not difficult to foretell when or how this ultraism will end. Death is written all over it.