“Observatory Maury” once, alas!
We called our nation’s glory;
But now with pitying shrug the word we pass—
“Observe— a-tory—Maury!”
N. Y. Sunday Times

The proverbial fecundity of rabbits is cast in the shade by the rapidity with which these times breed traitors. Every hour writhes amid the pangs of rebel child-birth. “Each moment teems a new one.”

No man once stood higher in the Nation than Lieutenant MAURY. He had been the pet of the Government for years. He had received a generous salary. He had lived in sweet-smelling clover, the seeds of which were sown by many Administrations. Almost for a life-time, he had been the recipient of many and substantial and flattering favors from his Country. She helped to make him great and owned him so. She loved him because he loved science, and science loved him because he was faithful to her, and honored her in his researches. We intend no silly pun when we say that he was the “observed of all observers.”

At the very time when his Country most needed his services, this MAURY leaped from the pinnacles where she had herself placed him, into the mire and filth of rebellion. He did it wilfully; he did not pretend to offer an excuse for his shameful conduct; he made no attempt to palliate his crime. There is not a single ray of light upon the canvass which contains the revolting picture of his treason. It is all dark—dark as midnight clad in thunder-clouds—dark as Hell itself.

For years and years has the name of ARNOLD poisoned the memories and fed the indignation of the American people. It now has its fitting twin in that of MAURY. Equals in treason, they will be equals in infamy. The faces of men will flush, the bosoms of women will heave, the eyes of children will glisten with indignation whenever and wherever that disgraced and hated name shall be uttered. And hereafter, when an American citizen shall desire to sum up in one expressive word all that is mean and contemptible and base and devillish in the nature of man, he will hiss through his closed teeth and reluctant lips the name of MAURY.

With what fiendish delight must the spirit of BENEDICT ARNOLD exult at the prospect of soon being mated by that of the wretch, caitiff and traitor upon whom the curse of his Country has now fallen!