We give this advice reluctantly. We have been loth to believe it necessary. But events are crowding on us so rapidly and rendering it so necessary, that we can no longer refrain. The time has come when it would be criminal to withhold it.

Our advice, therefore, to every Northern man is, Arm yourself at once. If you have a gun, get it ready for instant use; if you do not own one, get one as soon as possible. For it will take time to get one. The North is, to-day, almost bare of arms, and he who orders one to be made will have to wait some time before his order can be filled.

Look at the facts. The Northern Arsenals belonging to the United States have been denuded, within the last three months, every available arm within them having been shipped South. The State Arsenals are empty. The rifle and pistol manufactories have all been emptied by the Southern demand, and have orders far ahead of their ability to supply. The government has ordered all the U. S. troops to the Pacific Coast, out of the way; and all the available force of the Navy has been sent to distant stations, where orders of recall cannot reach them under a month’s time. All these facts demonstrate that while the South is fully armed and ready for war, the North is defenceless.

The military spirit, besides, has not been active for some years past, and the number of volunteer companies is smaller than it was. The number of arms in the hands of the volunteer soldiers, therefore, is comparatively trifling. Hence our chief reliance must be on the arms in the hands of individuals; and no Republican should now feel himself secure without one.

We are not alarmists; but it would be criminal to hide from the people the fact that they are in danger. They have been betrayed by their government into the hands of their enemies. There is a well settled purpose on the part of the Southern hot-heads to take possession of Washington City and prevent the inauguration of Lincoln. When that conspiracy develops itself, as it will, in what position will the North be to resist or prevent it? Can she do it in her present unarmed condition? She has numbers; but she has not the weapons, and she will be false to herself if she does not supply the lack, at once.

When, however, we advise the people to arm, we do not advise them to put themselves in an attitude of resistance or hostility to the government. It is as a precautionary measure, simply, that arming is necessary. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Let us take no steps toward resistance; but let us be in a position to defend ourselves and sustain the government of Lincoln, when the time for its inauguration comes, should that be necessary.