We fear it is now too late to cry “Peace! Peace!” for the Palmetto rebels have carried into practical execution their threats of defiance against the Government. The vessel sent to Fort Sumter, with reinforcements for Major Anderson, was fired upon from Fort Moultrie, and from batteries erected on Morris Island, and was obliged to put back to sea. This is the first act of open hostility on the part of the revolutionists, and it must either be promptly met, or else this once proud Republic will confess its inability to subdue the enemies within its own borders.

Will Mr. Buchanan longer hesitate as to the course he should pursue? His recent message indicates that he has at last determined to maintain the Federal authority, and perhaps the overwhelming force of public opinion in the Free States may nerve him for the performance of his duty. In his case, the fear of the indignation of a betrayed people may be the beginning of wisdom.