It is a physiological fact that in certain species of insanity, the flow of blood will cure the malady, and set the mental faculties free again. And why will not this natural fact apply corolatively to the moral world? For the last five or six years the country has been overtaxed with moral laxity or insanity—public morals have degenerated, and the virus has permeated the entire masses. Corruption has stalked abroad from the lowest road master to the highest Cabinet minister. The most scrubby and scurvy politician, and the most accomplished and talented, have conspired to obtain some kind of office by which to fleece the public. The most popular hobby has been mounted—anything and everything done to gain an office, and when that was gained the work of pillage and corruption have done their worst—until the whole political atmosphere has become impregnated with the most fatal malaria. This state of things could not, in the nature of things, last always; and may we not suppose that an Allwise Providence has ordained that a little blood-letting is necessary to cure the fatal malady? It seems so to us, and we believe that, after a few fields are crimsoned with blood, the mad spirits will return to their senses, and we shall have a better state of things. Blood is said to be a great purifier. It was employed in ancient times as atonement for sins, and millions of altars smoked daily with the burning incense of blood. The blood of God’s only Son was offered up as an atonement for the sins of the whole world, and nothing but blood can now purify the corrupted political atmosphere. Blood it is then, and let it flow till the past is atoned, and a long future secured to peace, prosperity, happiness, and honor.