Published Date

January 1, 2000

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For the Classroom, Vetted Resource

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Teaching & Learning, Undergraduate Education


United States

This resource is part of the Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age: Reconceptualizing the Introductory Survey Course program.

By Mary Beth Emmerichs
Univ. of Wisconsin-Sheboygan


Reflective Essay

Documents for Exploration and Discussion

Syllabus for History 102

Documentary Sources Used for History 102


Dr. Emmerichs received her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1991.  She teaches the history of Western Civilization, the Family, Europe from 1500 to the present, the United States, American History and Film, Crime and Punishment in Europe and America, and English History. Her favorite research is reading coroners’ reports to find out who got away with murder in 19th-Century England and her favorite ice cream flavour is Chocolate Hazelnut.

Project Summary

This site contains links to groups of documents that can be used to generate discussions in the second half of the U.S. History survey. Most of the documents are relatively brief, and links that lead to entire websites usually point to just one part of the site, or to one group of documents. There are a few websites where students should be encouraged to explore–The Freedmens’ Bureau site in particular. Of the tens of millions of documents available on the Web, these represent my personal choice for the enhancement of the U.S. History Survey. Whether you use them as teacher or student, I hope they give you plenty to think about and talk about.