Published Date

December 5, 2023

Resource Type

#AHRSyllabus, For the Classroom


Women, Gender, & Sexuality

AHA Topics

Teaching & Learning, Undergraduate Education


United States

This module is part of the #AHRSyllabus project. More information about the project can be found on the AHR website under #AHRSyllabus.

A screen shot from the video gam Red Dead Redemption II. A cowboy in a red vest walks on a pier with people moving around behind him.Tore Olsson

Among the ways in which students encounter history today is through historical video games. This module aims to help teachers channel that engagement and use historical gaming as a lens to explore critical issues around gender and race that can illuminate the past in new ways. Modern US historian Tore Olsson discusses his experiences teaching with Red Dead Redemption II, a popular historical video game set in a fictionalized America of 1899. He also offers a lesson plan that examines the question of women’s suffrage in the United States between 1850 and 1920 by interweaving content from Red Dead Redemption II with more traditional history pedagogy.


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