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January 1, 2004

From Teaching Difficult Legal or Political Concepts: Using Online Primary Sources in Writing Assignments (2004)

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Reviewed by Sue Patrick

The Versailles Treaty site is a small but useful one located on the History Department pages at the University of California at San Diego. The site contains the complete treaty in English, all 440 articles, broken into 16 parts. Each section permits users to explore one aspect of the treaty, such as “Articles 159-213 Military, Naval and Air Clauses” or “Articles 1-26 The Covenant of the League of Nations.” One particularly useful part of the site is the set of nine maps, which show Europe and Asia Minor both before and after the war, as well as the League of Nations mandates and the map of Wilson’s U.S. tour in September 1919. Also on the site are three photos (of the Big 4, Wilson, and Lodge) and ten cartoons from the Literary Digest in 1919. In addition, there is a list of eight published works that serve as sources or suggested readings. A final section has links to other resources, some of which are maintained at UC-SD and some elsewhere.

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